AT&T partners with Rock The Vote, FunMobility to bring politics to young people

AT&T announced a partnership with Rock The Vote and FunMobility earlier this week for new civic-minded mobile content.

Rock The Vote and AT&T will launch a mobile campaign to encourage young people to vote; the campaign hopes to bring together “popular music, artists and mobile technologies to engage today’s youth with the political process.” And FunMobility will offer a catalog of made-for-mobile wallpaper, branded with the Rock The Vote logo.

Exclusive Rock The Vote mobile election campaign content can be downloaded from the FunMobility’s FunScreenz application, on your AT&T phone within AT&T MEdia Mall or at the following site. New content will continue to be added to the storefront through the election.

Tim McGhee, Director of AT&T sponsorships, said:

“The mobile phone is the portal to young people’s entire lives. It’s not just how they communicate and entertain, it’s also a powerful tool for how they learn and become engaged with the world around them.”