T-Mobile shuts down phone traffickers

More from T-Mobile USA, the carrier announced that it has obtained final judgments and two permanent injunctions against handset resellers, who’s practices it said “can be harmful and misleading to consumers.” Both cases were in Texas: one in Houston against Rafiq Wazir Ali, who also used the business name Fone Xchange, and the other in Dallas against ASPAC and its affiliates.

The cases involved subsidized handsets for its prepaid wireless services, the carrier said that phone ‘traffickers’ such as Fone Xchange and ASPAC, buy the subsidized handsets and then resell them to customers at full price, pocketing the subsidies. Along with pocketing the subsidies, traffickers also discard phone warranties and manuals!

Doug Chartier, vice president of retail partner sales at T-Mobile USA said:

“T-Mobile is committed to protecting consumers and our company by shutting down these traffickers. We are pleased by the result in these cases, and expect similar successes in our other pending and planned lawsuits.”

T-Mobile said it has six additional suits pending in federal courts across the country, “as part of its concerted effort to protect consumers from prepaid phone trafficking.”

Along with the injunctions, T-Mobile won $6.5 million in damages, (think passing along some of those damages is part of the carriers commitment?)