AT&T thinks global

AT&T has expanded its international wireless offerings. New traveling perks include: new international data discount plans; increased voice and data coverage; international data roaming coverage in 150 countries, up from 145; discounted data packages available in 67 countries, up from 41; international roaming coverage on 120 major cruise ships, up from 75; and global GPS navigation with turn-by-turn directions in the six Olympic cities in China, as well as Western Europe and North America.

Not only has AT&T increased its global service offerings, the carrier is launching an advertising push about traveling with your wireless phone. As part of the new global initiative, AT&T is offering an online Travel Guide which helps you create an itinerary with rate information for up to 10 destinations, as well as review discounted voice and data packages.

Currently, AT&T customers can make and receive calls in more than 200 countries.