The Viral Video Guy Gets $1 Million In Funding

Dan Ackerman Greenberg is a master at getting lots of views for online videos. Last year he wrote a less-than-well-received post here on TechCrunch called “The Secret Strategies Behind Many “Viral” Videos.”

In the face of hundreds of negative comments he wrote a follow up post where he clarified some of his original points – “We do NOT spam email lists…We do NOT pay off bloggers,” etc.

Well, whatever it is he does do must be pretty interesting, because his new company, 750 Industries, cofounded with Brett Keintz, landed a $1 million round of financing from Ron Conway, Maples Investments and Baseline Ventures. The company, which is located in Yelp’s old offices on Montgomery and Mission in San Francisco was founded six months ago and has seven employees.

Greenberg and Keintz were pretty open when talking about the funding this evening, but won’t say anything about the startup, which remains in closed beta. A bio for Keintz from April describes the company as “a startup providing viral media distribution solutions that gives content owners and advertisers quick and effective access to millions of consumers,” though, and they say the company is already “very profitable.”