Steve Jobs admits MobileMe not up to Apple's standards


Steve Jobs has admitted that the MobileMe launch was “not up to Apple’s standards.” That’s in reference to all the problems the service has had since it launched last month.

Jobs admitted as much in an internal e-mail sent to Apple employees, which Ars Technica got a hold of. He said MobileMe shouldn’t have been launched on the same day as iPhone 3G, Firmware 2.0 and the App Store. Rather, Apple could have launched it one service at a time—on the first day it could have launched over-the-air; the next week could have been push e-mail; and so on.

Another bit of fallout: the MobileMe development team will now report to the same guy in charge of iTunes and the App Store.

Good to see Apple recognize how poor MobileMe has been, and even better to see that it’s trying to fix it.