Memorex adds Essential TravelDrive portable storage drives in four fugly colors

987Today in Cerritos, California, Memorex announced their 2.5-inch portable storage devices dubbed the Essential TravelDrive in 160, 250 and 320GB capacities. Other than the fugly colors that are “vibrant”, I found the entire press release to be laughable.

I do my best to not make fun of PR folk, but I’m sure whoever wrote it should have given it one or two more drafts.

“the Essential TravelDrive portable hard drive provides users convenient, portable sharing and safeguarding of precious data, including photos, videos and music.”

Redundant much?

“available in several vibrant colors and easily fits into a pocketbook or purse.”

What girl/woman do you know that would shove a portable HDD into their purse? A pocketbook? Really? I doubt CrunchGirl would sport this beast.

“The new, slim, Essential TravelDrive portable hard drive helps promote important file sharing with the style and choice users want.”

I don’t think so.

“four nature-inspired colors …Spring Blossom, Tropic Green, Caribbean Blue and Cool Silver.”

I’ve been to the Caribbean and it’s a hell of a lot bluer than that thing. Can’t you people just say they’re purple, blue, green and silver?

But they start out at $89.99.