Ghostbusters video game revelation: Crossing streams is OK

Ghostbusters buzz has been brewing for quite some time regarding the upcoming video game. The cross-platform soon-to-be mega hit will be hitting shelves October 21, but for now some hands-on reviews are starting to come in.

Here’s some info about the gameplay for the opening level. The link that follows has the details, so I’ll try to keep an overview here.

First off, we have been lied to. Not necessarily anything about the video game, but apparently a bigger cover up for the past 24 years. Crossing the streams is not bad. Apparently nothing bad happens. Well. Ok. But since a July build is the gameplay in question, I can still hold out hope.

Anyways, on to the more important stuff. Your character has the ability to send pulses, called Boson Darts, down the stream and also come equipped with the capture stream to send the ghost to their containment units. Shooting the streams around the environment causes fires and knocks small items about, so expect to see a fair share of proton pack based puzzle solving. And no, you cannot shoot your fellow Ghostbusters.

The P.K.E. Meter allows for the ability to see ghosts coming at you in low light situations, but unfortunately cannot be equipped at the same time as your proton pack neutrona wand. Some balance of hunting and capturing will clearly be necessary.

I’ve been excited about this game ever since I first heard about it. As screenshots and details come leaking out, it seems clear that the game is aiming for a spookier and less cartoony atmosphere. Of course we aren’t gonna be talking survival horror here, but hope looks good for a nice balance of Ghostbusters comedy tempered with some genuine thrills.

For a more complete walkthrough (which may contain spoilers) of the first level, check out the great work from kotaku.