More Lego Batman impressions: It's fun!


Attention, Batman and video game fans. Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the dandiest gaming blog out there, has given its professional opinion (two opinions, actually) on Lego Batman, a game we’ve covered as part of our boyish infatuation with The Dark Knight.

As you might expect, RPS liked what it saw. Playing as Mr. Freeze and the Riddler, RPS pranced about, doing all sorts of Lego-y and Batman-y things, like shooting the ice gun, turning the target into a mess of disjointed ice blocks.

Honestly, if you’ve played one Lego game, you’ve played them all, as that fast-talking guy pointed out not too long ago. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you; the Lego games are, gasp, actually fun to play.

Again, Lego Batman is due for release in September.