RSOL Jive PC could potentially run OS X if you want it to

Hey, friend! Want to make perhaps about $10,000? Why not try selling bare-bones Intel PCs and claim that they can run OS X or even, dare we say it, Ubuntu. Following in the footsteps of Psystar and iOpenTech, RSOL is offering an OSless PC, called the Jive, for $628 that you can then install OS X onto. How? They won’t say. They will say:

Due to the complex configuration of the RSOL PC Multi-Platform Desktop computer, installing or reinstalling the OSx86 operating system should only be performed by users who have a thorough understanding of the open source technology necessary that allows a modified version of Mac OS X® software to run on our models. RSOL PC provides no software support for your non-Windows operating system. NOTE: RSOL PC does not recommend, endorse or participate in the unauthorized distribution or illegal use of copyrighted software.

It seems that everyone with an OEM’s telephone number and a dream are now selling these OSless chaps. Do not be fooled: you could feasibly install OS X on any old PC. These folks aren’t selling anything special. They do, however, have a horrible name: “Can I get my money back?” “YeRSOL.”