USB cooler keyboard

Thanko knows what we nerds really need during these hot summer days. The follow-up to the company’s USB face mask [JP], the USB cooler mouse and the USB cooler necktie is this: a USB cooler keyboard [JP].

This “interesting” piece of hardware comes with 3 fans built into the wrist-rest area. If your hands start sweating, just turn on the switch placed on the front of the keyboard to get a blow of cool air. The only downside I can see is that the device takes up two USB ports (one for the fans, one for the keyboard itself).

The USB cooler keyboard measures 51x22x3.5cm and costs $62. Non-Japanese people interested in the product may be able to order it in Thanko’s American online shop when it officially opens August 16th. As far as I can tell, the keyboard strangely doesn’t even have a Japanese layout.