Does this $500 gaming chair do anything?

I’m skeptical of this chair. The website is chock full of user reviews and in-action type videos, but nowhere does it say what this chair actually does.

The idea of a chair on a rocker is certainly a not a bad one; lean with the action and the chair leans with you. Definitely does more than my couch does. But for $500? Uh, no. Especially because this happens to be an exceedingly scary-looking chair. I mean, what if you get in a crash?

In one of the videos a reference to two different modes (warrior stance, cockpit mode) was made, but with no further explanation. I doubt there is a motor under that silly looking thing, so I am suspecting that all motivating is to done by the user. As for the modes…well, turns out Warrior Stance means feet on the floor, while Cockpit mode is – you guessed it – feet up.

I’m wary of things that seem to be all pomp with no circumstance and this certainly raises my eyebrows. Anybody have a real experience with this thing? Leave a comment below.