New (and expensive) Panasonic point-and-shoots: FX37 and LX3

Such descriptive names! These two nice little cameras are just out and have the following characteristics:
FX37: 10.1 megapixels, 25mm Leica lens, 5x optical zoom, optical image stabilization, “intelligent auto mode” which implies other auto modes are stupid but doesn’t seem to include any particularly revolutionary features other than the always handy face detection, tracking autofocus and the like. It automatically levels “tilted” photos, which sounds a bit sketchy to me. Costs $350.
LX3: 10.1 megapixels on a special large sensor, 24mm F2.0 Leica lens (nice!), up to 6fps still shots, focus mode switch (manual, auto, macro), shoots to RAW, has exposure bracketing options, a 3-inch LCD, lots of accessories; this is a pretty sweet camera. The catch, of course, is that it costs $500. At that point you could be getting a DSLR, but the amount of power packed into point-and-shoots these days is pretty staggering.

You can find more info here.