-henges of the world, unite!

Some years back Stonehenge was roped off to protect it from vandals. Sadly, the same fate hasn’t been bestowed on most of the other –henges of the world. What other –henges you ask?

Fridgehenge in New Mexico is exactly what it sounds like. The huge 100-foot diameter circle is lined with tons of dead refrigerators. Stonefridge, which seems to be the official name, was inspired by the mountains of appliances located in a nearby Santa Fe landfill. Built purposely close to Los Alamos National Laboratories as a statement, it is said to have fallen in disarray.

Boathenge is a little known –henge is living along the Missouri River. It appears to be the littlest -henge, comprised of only six monoliths. Local legend involves Lewis and Clark visiting the site (pre-fiberglass boats).

Carhenge is perhaps the most famous and popular of the modern –henges. Just like the real Stonehenge, rules are in place to protect this national treasure. “Absolutely no camping is allowed on the site”. The popular site is free to visit, and a variety of merch is available.

So it would seem, as with Stonehenge, the best way to protect a -henge is to actually keep the visitors coming in. So, give the lonely –henges some love and give them a visit, lest we lose these strange monuments of our mysterious past.

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