Apple creeping to third in U.S. PC market

According to recent research by Gartnerand IDC, Apple is creeping up in the charts to become the third largest PC vendor in the U.S.

While Gartner’s estimates show Apple inching ahead of Acer, with 1,397,000 units shipping during the second quarter to Acer’s 1,331,000 units; IDC’s pegs Apple at only 1,329,000 units to Acer’s 1,331,000. Either way Apple is gaining on Acer’s U.S. market share, and bucking sour economic trends. Gartner says that overall PC shipments in the U.S. grew just 4.2% year-over-year, while Apple’s shipments increased 38.1%.

Top U.S. PC vendors in both research firm’s findings were Dell and HP, with more than 5 million and 4 million units shipped respectively, during the quarter.

And IDC research manager David Daoud told Network World that he suspects Apple will sustain its strong growth in the U.S. market.