After breakup, man spends $1,000 a week on beer

img_melbournebitter Reuters is reporting that an Australian man recently convicted of his 7th drunk driving charge revealed that he’d been spending around $1,000 per week on beer. That’s funny, sad, or both, depending upon how you view everyone’s place in the Universe.

What I find funny and sad is that the dude broke up with his girlfriend FIVE YEARS AGO. Get over it, man! Live in the now! Newsflash, Bub: Crying inside a public bar isn’t a turn-on for most girls.

An Australian magistrate banned the man, Michael Leary, “from buying or even holding a beer for 12 months.” The magistrate also made fun of Leary for drinking Melbourne Bitter, which is made by Fosters, saying that it’s “poor judgement on two counts there – drinking that much and drinking Melbourne Bitter.”