Gameloft Brings Chuck Norris to the Small Screen

Gameloft and Chuck Norris have partnered to produce Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain to your mobile phone. The August launch should bring some thumb-thumping, round-house kicking action that will drain your phone’s battery faster than Chuck Norris can take down a pizza delivery man.

In the game, Norris is fighting the forces of Communist dictators Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-iL. You can choose to be Ranger Chuck or Commando Chuck as Norris hammers and sickles the Reds. Marxists aren’t the only ones who will feel Chuck’s wrath. The game has a destructible environment that lets Norris punch down houses and raze whole forests with his gun.

The game includes an avatar feature. A player can take a picture of someone’s face with their camera phone and insert that picture into the game. The picture will be placed on enemy bodies for Norris to pound. This is fun to do to friends and enemies alike.

Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain promises to be full of humor. The game draws on the kind of one liner’s that can be found at So if you are a fan and have access to a mobile phone, show the world you can kill the bad guys with just two thumbs.