Customer receives million-dollar bill AND poor service

The Register has a report on possibly the largest ever single-person phone bill, and the winner is…James Abdale, a Vodafone customer from Norwich, who got a bill for £588,198, and fifteen pence ($1,175,455 and two cents).

Abdale, who posted his saga on Vodafone’s forum, spent over two hours on the phone with customer service before being told that all managers had gone home and he’d have to call back in the morning.

Ready to change carriers (and use multiple, angry emoticons) Abdale heard back from Vodafone in the morning, where he received an apology and was informed that they were completely wiping his bill for the month.

He still had this to say: “Although my issue has been rectified—and then some—I really hope that there is SOMEONE at Vodafone who is listening to our feedback and REALLY taking it on board. There are some serious gaps in their training that need to be addressed…Everyone there needs to be reminded that without their customers they would be out of business. I still intend to part company with Vodafone when renewal time comes around. After all, it is the only power we have against them. Vote with your feet and perhaps one day they will listen.”