Opera Mobile 9.5 delayed for a few more days

A few weeks ago, I said that Opera Mobile 9.5 would roll out on July 15th. Well, Opera’s gone and made a liar out of me, but not by all that much – the release date has been pushed back 2 days to July 17th.

As anyone who has rotted away the last night before a release date knows well, setting concrete release dates on beta software tends to mean face palms and angry yelling once that date rolls by. Bugs happen, stress levels rocket – it all goes bananas, and the dates slip up a bit. Even if 95% of your audience forgives you, you can always count on that other 5% to tell you to die in a fire.

So, to that other 5%: Be cool. Go have some chamomile tea, play with some kittens, and come back in a day or two. Opera makes a solid product – a few more days to polish up 9.5 can only be good for the end user.