First piece of Apple software ever sold finally playable in iTunes

An unearthed piece of computer history has been reconstructed by some long-time die heard preservationists. No other than the first software ever sold by Apple, it is a reconstruction of BASIC, then available on audiotape. So if you have a need to revisit old programming languages, read on.

With the information processed through an Apple I emulator, an audio file was created. The original cassette interface converted the waves into ones and zeros depending on their frequency. Meanwhile, back in the future, a modern-day sound program was used to visualize the wave pattern. By knowing the final form is supposed to be exactly 4096 bytes, some interesting archeology was employed to disassemble the program back into 6502 code.

This is museum quality stuff here, and certainly important from a historical perspective. There is a certain truth to that whole ‘must-know-the-past-to-move-on-into-the-future’ thing. I suggest you scour the thrift stores and dig up some old computers for your kids to play around with while you’re reading this.

If you wanna know what the 70’s sounded like, click here for a small .mp3