New Smart Phone from Palm

Smart phones are all the rage today. Not wanting to fall behind in the technology race, Palm announced today that its new smart phone, the Treo 800w, is now available on the Sprint Nextel network. This is Palm’s first major new model since the Centro was launched last year.

The Treo 800w runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and can access the Internet with Sprint’s broadband network or through a local Wi-Fi connection. The handset comes installed with a chip that allows for fast uploads off of Sprint’s EVDO Rev A network.

Palm’s new phone comes with GPS capabilities and a screen that is an improvement over past models. The Treo 800w has a 320-by-320 screen, is 2.2 by 4.41 by 0.73 inches and weighs in at 5 ounces.

The Treo 800w can be purchased for as little as $250, but a two-year contract with Sprint that costs at least $70 a month is required. Other contract options will increase the initial price of the handset. Sprint doesn’t have the exclusive rights to sell the Treo 800w, so other carriers like Verizon and Alltel may carry the phone in the future.