Hide your nasty popcorn habit from friends and family

popomatic_small Oh man, here’s a thing that looks like a juke box but – BUT! – it’s actually a popcorn maker. Behold the future! Not only does it make popcorn, it makes movie theater style popcorn (yay!) using “healthy hot air” (awww). Why can’t they use hot, melty, buttery air mixed with gallons of oil? What about all the delicious trans-fat?

If you’re into your health for some reason and you long for the 1950’s AND you really love popcorn AND you’re short on precious counter space AND you still have at least $50 left in your 2008 popcorn machine budget, then maybe you’d enjoy this Pop-O-Matic Juke Box Popcorn Maker.

Pop-O-Matic Juke Box Popcorn Maker [Baron Bob via Shiny Shiny]