The Vigor Colossus desktop powerhouse PC: it's as manly as it sounds

Those of us in the prestigious pro blogging field could probably get by with a Newton for all the processing power we use (or even a MacBook Air in a pinch), but not everyone is so modest in their needs. Developers, CG artists, and HD video editors need an insane amount of cycles to do their work, and they probably don’t care if their rig costs over seven thousand dollars. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it may actually be more economical to trick out a Mac Pro.

The Vigor Colossus (seen previously but now in the wild) runs on a special mobo designed to work with two Core2 QX9775 processors — the system is called Skulltrail, because it’s so mean it leaves a damn trail of skulls wherever it goes. The thing is, unless you’re using a program that’s designed to take eight cores into consideration, most of it is going to go to waste. For instance, most games don’t use ’em; it’ll play stuff fine but it’s not made for that kind of thing and its scores reflect that. It is, however, the fastest machine out there for that other stuff, like major photoshop work, 3D rendering, and fussing with HD video in something like After Effects. I wouldn’t mind taking one home — if it’d fit in my apartment.