DeviceAnywhere rolls out remote Nokia application testing

If you’ve done much developing for mobile handsets, you’ve probably come across DeviceAnywhere. Through a top-secret combination of pixie dust, unicorn hair, and good old fashion hardware hackery, DeviceAnywhere acts as a remote lab for mobile handsets.

After signing up, you can pull up virtual versions of a variety of phones right on your screen, all tied to actual handsets in the real world. All audio, video, and button presses that occur are properly transmitted in both directions. For anyone developing cross-platform/cross-network applications, it’s a godsend. No need to lug around 30 different handsets and a fanny-pack of sim cards – just log in, pick your phone, and test away.

This morning, DeviceAnywhere announced the Forum Nokia Virtual Develop Lab, which adds support for 40 Nokia handsets to the line-up. S40, S60 – they’ve got the bases covered. At around 16 bucks per hour after the (3-hour?) free trial, it’s not exactly thrifty – but it’s probably a hell of a lot cheaper than buying up 40 Nokia handsets.

If you’re testing out Nokia content and want to make your life a bit easier, check it out at: