What else can you get from AT&T for $199?

Before you blow your 2-year-contract wad switching to AT&T on Friday, why not switch for some other compelling handsets on AT&T Wireless. Before you say “OK! Lets!” how about we take a walk through AT&T’s website to see why, specifically, the iPhone is basically saving AT&T’s ass.

First we have the Samsung Access, a squat HSDPA which costs $199 after $100 rebate. It’s got Mobile Email and IM as well as Video Share. Hot!

Next we’ve got the LG Vu which all of us at CG actually liked. I personally enjoyed the Mobile TV and the form factor is actually quite iPhone-ish.

Then we have the Palm Treo 750w. Palm. Windows Mobile. Next.

Finally, we have the Motorola MOTO Z9. Why this thing costs $199 is anyone’s guess but if you’re 15 and like the Jonas Brothers, this is probably the phone for you.

So yes, there were very few compelling reasons to switch to AT&T before Steve Jobs agreed to drop his 3G lifeboat into Ma Bell’s tainted afterbirth. In short, the iPhone is the best thing to happen to any carrier, be it AT&T or Rogers, simply because of the beatific halo that is cast by the device.