Electronic Arts acquires exclusive La Liga license (and bonus EA gaffe)


We have terrible news for all eight of you soccer fans. It looks like EA has acquired the exclusive license to Spain’s La Liga, meaning FIFA will be the only game to feature the Spanish league.

In other words, don’t go looking for official LFP logos and whatnot in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. That’s a real shame, since everybody who’s anybody knows PES has been consistently better than FIFA since, um, forever.

Meanwhile, PESfan.com speculates that future PES games may still feature individual team licenses—Real Madrid, Sevilla, Espanyol, etc.—like it does with certain English teams. Merseyside Red vs. Newcastle, anyone?

So at first glance you might think that PES 2009 has lost the La Liga name and all the team licenses that go with it, but my understanding is that EA only has the exclusive La Liga name and logo license, not the individual team licenses. So unlike the Premiership license which affects the clubs, the La Liga license doesn’t affect the licensing of the clubs.

In other FIFA and EA news, it looks like used the wrong national anthem for Northern Ireland in one of its 18 different soccer games. Instead of God Save the Queen, EA used Soldier’s Song, which is the anthem for the Republic of Ireland.