25th anniversary sterling silver Leatherman

For those men who need something a little more high-end when they try to install a freaking ceiling fan while their wife is on the couch yelling at them to call the contractor and they’re convinced that they’ll install this damned ceiling fan, contractor be damned, and the wife goes to do something in the kitchen and suddenly they feel a jolt of electricity running through the Leatherman and they’re like “Oh crap” and then they get down off the ladder and turn off the electricity at the fuse box and then fiddle around for another freaking two hours and finally get the bastard installed and then a few months later when it gets really hot they turn on the ceiling fan and it’s wobbling around like it’s about to fall and the men are like “It’s fine. It’s safe.”

$444 at Amazon.com. It comes in a limited edition of 999.