This Week On TechcrunchIT

Our first week is over on TechcrunchIT and it has been a busy one. Steve Gillmor and I spent time with Salesforce, Sun, at Velocity with a super-smart guy about to join Twitter and with two other smart guys who have a new Javascript platform called SproutCore that Apple has taken a keen interest in.

It was also a big week for Open Source as a business as we heard about rapid growth at RedHat and MySQL now at Sun talking about their $100M revenue rate, strong growth and future plans.

The cloud is getting more crowded and competitive with a serise of announcements this week starting with Cloudstatus, new stuff at Mosso and a new cloud-based video encoding platform.

Bill Gates finished his last fulltime day at Microsoft and we wrote up a list of things he can now get around to now that he has all that time on his hands, while Steve analyzed the future at a Microsoft now without Gates.

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