Intel delays dual-core Atom chips until September?


About a month ago, we reported that Intel would begin production on a dual-core Atom chip in July. I said “Might as well just wait for the quad-core Atoms to come out in August, huh?” Nobody laughed at the joke and we all moved on. Now DigiTimes is reporting that production on these dual-core Atoms has been pushed back to September due to shortages of the single-core Atom chips.

“Finally, Intel was originally planning to mass produce its dual-core Atom 330 processor in July, however, due to shortages of the single-core Atom 230, the company has postponed the launch to at least September this year, will release further planning in August, the sources said.”

So that’s at least September. If you’d been holding out until July for a dual-core Atom device, it looks like you can run out and buy a single-core device today or wait patiently for the dual-core chips to roll off the lines in another few months.

via Reg Hardware