Tokyo Toy Show coverage, part 3 (final): The coolest electronic toys on video

The following videos I shot show some of the coolest electronic stuff (not including robots) I have come across at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show.

Takara Tomy’s Aero Spider was especially impressive. The same company didn’t allow me to shoot a video of their awesome QFOs (mini UFOs attacking Tokyo). Sorry, but the pictures must do.

More videos below…

Remote controlled micro submarine “U-Diver”
(length: 15cm, available only in Japan for $68 starting August or September)

Pekoppa, Sega Toys’ moving toy plant, which reacts to humans talking to it

USB dogs (humping and – new – doing sit-ups) and some dozing USB owls

Aero spider from Takara Tomy
(a remote-controlled mini car capable of driving up walls and on ceilings, to be released in Japan on September 19th for $37)

Flower Rock 2.0 (dancing and singing flowers) from Takara Tomy

Takara Tomy’s QFO

The so-called QFOs are mini remote-controlled UFOs. Takara Tomy will release the QFOs in Japan starting September for $38. Watch a trailer of the QFOs attacking Tokyo (in English) on the official homepage.