HIS iClear: Six capacitors and a dream

In the realm of high-end audio it’s fairly common to find “power smoothers” and “wave shapers” in among the high-end devices, culminating in $10,000 wooden knobs. Is gaming getting in on the snake oil act?

The HIS iClear Card does video card noise reduction. How? Who knows, because it’s not directly connected to the video card and instead hangs out in a PCIe x1 slot next to the video card. Tests showed that it did little or nothing to the signal and NewEgg has been giving them away free, which means that someone over-invested in manufacturing.

It has an excellent implement of state-of-the-art design and technology and give you a better gaming experience by reducing the distortion and noise generated from graphic card. It reduces the noise distortion generated from high-end graphic card (from both Radeon and GeForce) or TV tuner card, which provide up to 10% increase performance on Signal-to-Noise Ratio.

Does this thing work? Sure, if you want it to.

via BBG