High-end keyboard round-up: the round-up

Well, it’s the end of our little keyboard extravaganza. I thought I should summarize and link to the various reviews in case you missed one and are in the market for a nice, shiny new keyboard. Click the pictures to check ’em out, or click “more” to get the capsule version of each review.

Razer Lycosa SteelSeries 7G
Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 7000 Das Keyboard

Razer Lycosa
Pro: Gorgeous. Touch controls work great. Backlit. Anti-ghosting on WASD. USB and audio ports. Very customizable software.
Con: Feels breakable – not cheap, but breakable. Slightly shallow key travel.

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 7000
Pro: Customizable touch keys work great. Wireless. Many extra buttons if you like that.
Con: Weird key layout, tiny Ctrl key. F-keys not separated. Bundled mouse sucks.

SteelSeries 7G
Pro: Bombproof. Works with little or no configuration. Unlimited keydowns. Mechanical action means it’s durable and comfortable to type on. USB and audio ports.
Con: Heavy as hell. Media keys work but are kind of inconvenient. Wrist rest not up to the keyboard’s standards. No customization possible. European-style Backspace/Enter keys.

Das Keyboard
Pro: Strong, clicky type. Mechanical action plus audio and tactile feedback. Simple if you like that. USB ports.
Con: no media controls or customization options.

That’s all for now, folks. Hope you found this helpful!