TrojanToWorm makes being a douche easy!

Hey, script kiddies, need to make your l33t logic bomb into a l33t3r worm? Try TrojanToWorm. This is basically a worm construction that allows you to deploy a payload that will launch itself at a preset time.

It’s a fairly complex little piece of code that is probably easy to catch with a virus scanner, but knowing the average user will be oblivious to its existence and power expect it to hit at least a few PCs before it gets caught. It was apparently made in Spain and, unlike a nice paella, doesn’t taste good with a bottle of cava.

I trust you guys are smart enough to find the program yourselves and also smart enough not to use it for nefarious means, if only to prove you are no, in fact, as stupid as I was at 16 when I wrote a “virus” and erased most of my C: drive on my Packard Bell 286.