Firefox 3 flaw found, could be exploited by hackers

This kind of sucks. After all the ballyhoo yesterday regarding Firefox 3 and it’s 8.4 million downloads comes word of the first vulnerability in the browser, a zero day attack (see update here) that would allow an attacker to trick a user into executing their code, which could wreak all kinds of havoc on a computer.

The details of the hole aren’t given, so hacker types can’t take advantage of it. And the people behind Firefox, Mozilla, have been notified so they can patch it up, though there’s no word yet on when that update might come.

Zero day attacks are a popular way for malicious users to infect other computers with spyware, worms, trojans, and all sorts of nastiness. Hopefully this one gets patched up before someone not as nice as the Zero Day Initiative can exploit it.