AMD developing its own Atom-like netbook processor


Not content to let Intel steal all the glory with its new low-power Atom chip, AMD appears to be developing a similar chip of its own. It’s currently only known as “BGA” but will hopefully get a much cooler-sounding name when it’s ready to go.

AMD’s current low-power Geode processor has served as the company’s netbook CPU of choice, but it tops out at 500MHz and has been around for more than five years now. It’s been speculated that this new BGA chip could actually be AMD’s “Bobcat” chip that the company announced last year.

As you can see from the above slide, this new CPU will clock in at 1GHz and will use eight watts of power, making it ideal for netbooks but a little too greedy for smaller mobile devices, as CNET’s Tom Krazit points out.

No word on when we’ll start to see devices using this new chipset, but it’d better be soon for AMD’s sake since Intel, NVIDIA, and VIA seem to have a good head start.

via Electronista