New Gaming Phone from Sony Ericson

Sony Ericsson showed off its new gaming phone, the F305, today. The handset has a built-in motion sensor that lets users play games much like games are played on the popular Wii console. It won’t be long before you see people whipping their arms around like they are throwing invisible bowling balls or practicing their fly-fishing technique.

“This is our first foray into motion gaming,” Howard Lewis, vice president and head of the product business unit, said of the F305 mobile phone launch held in conjunction with CommunicAsia, an industry convention and exhibition.
“We see gaming as a way to interact with our young customers… it’s a new area of the market that Sony Ericsson is entering into,” he said.

The phone comes pre-loaded with 11 games, all of which will have arms swinging to active the motion sensor just right. The games include, Bowling, Bass fishing, Jockey, Johnny Crash™ Stuntman Does Texas, Tropical Madness™, Racing Fever™ GT, The Sims™ 2, Jewel Quest™ 2, Lumines™, Asteroids™ and Quadrapop™ Robotics.

Nintendo’s Wii console is wildly popular, so the F305 may be too. I used to be hooked on bass fishing games, so a device that lets me play on the go would make this angler jump for joy like a large mouth hooked with crank bait. Did I mention you can make calls with the F305? When you haul in the big one there is nothing like calling friends for bragging rights.

Sony Ericsson