Griffin prepped for iPhone 3G with four cases, more to come

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They might not be new in the product line, but Griffin is prepared with redesigns of their popular Wave, Nu Form, Elan Form and Elan Clip cases for the iPhone 3G. All cases are priced at $24.99 except the Elan Form, which is priced at $29.99. All cases will be available on the Griffin site by end of the month. Apple stores will be stocked on July 11. I think I like the Nu Form the most.

“The Wave features wave-shaped (get it?) contours that overlap and interlock. The double-helix closure provides greater surface area to hold the case together, providing greater security and protection. Wave allows full access to audio jack, volume controls, connectors and touchscreen. The form-fitting case protects with durable polycarbonate at all corners, and is available in four interchangeable colors: black, blue, pink, or white.”

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“The Nu Form is an impact-resistant, hard-shell case that protects the iPhone 3G in a slim, no-clip design. It includes a rigid, thin screen protector that guards against smudges, scratches and fingerprints, but doesn’t interfere with access to the touchscreen. Its EasyDock design makes Nu Form convenient to charge and sync; just slide open the case bottom and pop the iPhone into its dock — no need to completely remove it from its case. Nu Form is available in black or white.”

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“The Elan Form is a hard-shell leather case that snaps snugly around the iPhone 3G and offers triple protection in a slim, no-clip design. It bonds top-grain leather to hard-shell polycarbonate material, encasing the iPhone in two layers of stylish protection. This new revision of Elan Form incorporates Griffin’s EasyDock design, allowing users to conveniently dock their iPhone without completely removing the case. Elan Form with EasyDock is available in pink or black.”

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“The Elan Clip is an elegant, genuine leather outer case wrapped around an unbelievably durable polycarbonate shell. It features a belt clip that rotates 180 degrees so you can check your iPhone 3G without taking it off your belt. The clip also locks into an extended position so you can use it as a stand while watching movies. It can be used two ways: carry your iPhone face-in for maximum privacy and protection, or face-out for maximum convenience and access. Elan Clip comes with a static peel screen protector and a premium microfiber cleaning cloth.”