CTIA Requests information for its Enhanced Messaging Team

CTIA, The Wireless Association, announced today a Request For Information (RFI) on behalf of its Enhanced Messaging Action Team (EM Team). The RFI is being sent to a variety of companies with an interest in the enhanced messaging space.

The EM Team is made up of industry representative who are evaluating solutions to implement EM on wireless phones in the United States. The purpose of this RFI is to understand and evaluate capabilities and interests in EM Product Feature — Group Messaging (GM).

CTIA’s EM Team is looking for high level solutions and detailed call flow options surrounding the Product and the GM Feature. It is also interested in discussion surrounding solution options, feature functionality, customer experience and technical feasibility.

Any company interested in receiving the RFI should contact Kate Kingberger, Director of Wireless Internet Development for CTIA, at kkingberger@ctia.org or 202-736-3892 for more information. Participating companies will be required to respond by June 26, 2008.