Thieves disguised as Comcast installers rob, shoot man; Man still likely more angry about mystery charges on cable bill


I’m not the first technology pundit to think that Comcast is constantly ripping us off, but this is a little ridiculous. Thieves, somehow outfitted with a Comcast truck, broke into a man’s apartment in Baltimore, MD, demanding money. The fake Comcast techs then shot him.

He was then handcuffed. Seeing an opportunity, he jumped through a closed bedroom window and called for help.

A local witness saw the thieves “messing with” the cable box outside of the house first, likely casing the place. There’s no word yet if they were actual Comcast contractors or if it was a stolen van.

A similar plot was part of The Italian Job, where the thieves used a cable company van as part of their heist, but this is just thuggish.