Ubisoft has gone insane, wants to be Pixar

What in the world is this guy thinking? What with the current buzz around Ubisoft being that they don’t care about quality content for the Wii, this has to be the worst possible time to announce a plan like this. I respect them as a game company and they’ve got nothing to worry about with their more serious titles like the Tom Clancy series and Beyond Good & Evil, but the idea of creating full-length movies is barking mad. The news of 90-minute cutscenes in MGS4 was received with horror, and MGS cutscenes have always been excellent. Now we’re looking at Rayman: The Motion Picture.

He says there’s already a TV show in development (A Sam Fisher sitcom would be excellent but impossible), but he also says he wants to compete on equal terms with Peter Jackson’s Weta. Is he high? Cinema-quality games are one thing, but cinema-quality cinema is another entirely.