Toshiba to create upconverting DVD players instead of going Blu-ray

Toshiba DVD Recorder with HD Upconversion and HDMI CablI have an upconverting DVD player that I love. I can watch my SD copy of Transformers at 720p on my Olevia HDTV. While it looks great, it’s still not true HD, it’s interpolated. But that’s not stopping Toshiba from embracing the technology, and doing so in spite of the victory against it in the next-gen format war by Sony’s Blu-ray.

It’s not saying that it won’t ever break down and create Blu-ray players, but it’s notable that Toshiba would rather upgrade ten-year-old technology than embrace the new hotness.

We’re hoping Toshiba swallows its pride and changes its mind. We love Toshi products and would love a Toshiba Blu-ray player for our system, but we’re not going to hold our breath.