NVIDIA's ambitious mobile phones take aim at pretty much everybody

NVIDIA’s on a roll with their graphics hardware and motherboards, why shouldn’t they find success in the mobile and PMP market? They have the technology. Graphics-intensive applications like 720p video recording and playback are a breeze when you design the whole package from tip to tail with your own technology instead of piecemealing it from various parts.

It looks like it’s an actual, three-dimensional product too(it’s at 3:00), not just a scribble on a webpage. With other full-touchscreen phones coming out from like every provider (Instinct, Diamond, Vu), it’s got a lot of competition, but this is probably more a “look, we can do this” phone and not intended to dethrone the iPhone. People may notice that NVIDIA’s Tegra Platform is more efficient for this kind of architecture than Intel (if that is the case) in which case NVIDIA may make more of a splash by powering others’ phones instead of making its own. In either case, I can’t wait to try out one of these little beasts.