HP set to launch something big on June 10

A buddy of mine who shall remain nameless tipped me off the other week that a big computer company was going to announce something really big, like, their biggest announcement of the year big. I immediately said, “it’s Apple, moron.” He said, “no, I’m not that stupid, moron.” We squawked back and forth for another few minutes and I let it be because I couldn’t think of anyone else who would be stupid enough to announce something the day after the purported 3G iPhone’s purported announcement.

Lo and behold, I had the answer right under my nose the whole time. It’s actually been sitting in my inbox for a couple months, but it wasn’t until I came across this Fortune article that I put the two together.

HP will more than likely announce a hybrid HP/Voodoo rig that shows off Voodoo’s taste for flair with HP’s gaggle of robust…whatever in Berlin next week. I’ll be there to cover the event, so we’ll be sure to have plenty of pictures and video. I’d assume they’re going after the likes of Apple, Dell and Gateway with something aesthetically pleasing.