Engineering Disasters DVD contest concludes; you may already be a winner!

If you didn’t know about our excellent contest to win these cool DVDs, now is your chance to, well, find out who won it. There are four winners and I’m sending out emails right after I type this.

I disqualified one guy for including the Power Glove on his list. Actually, I didn’t, but I did scowl at the screen for a little while. I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.

Your lists were all pretty awesome, but we chose randomly because that’s the American way. So congratulations to Brian, Tereasa, JWJ, and diem! Hope you used real e-mail addresses! And for everyone else, I’m submitting your name and address to SpamCorp as a consolation prize. Hope you like BonziBuddies!

Just kidding. Seriously. Don’t hurt me.