Boot camp café for obedient geeks in Akihabara

Japanese Otaku love to relieve stress in “Maid Cafés,” where they usually are treated like kings by (mostly) cute and extra-submissive J-girls. For an extra fee, it is even possible to lay your head on a maiden’s lap for a few minutes and ask why it seems impossible for you to get laid.

Now, all geeks preferring the opposite side of the continuum are served with the opening of a new boot camp café in Akihabara. Before being allowed to enter, guests become “recruits” who must comply to a set of harsh rules by which they commit to absolute obedience.

The café’s first floor is reserved for the so-called hard course, while the soft course can be experienced on the second floor. Staff members take on the role of “sergeants”. Clothed in camouflage uniforms, they yell at their recruits and can even force them to do push-ups.

The boot camp café was open for one day only (on May 31st), but the owners don’t rule out the possibility of a re-run.

Via Akiba Blog (Japanese)