3/4 of attendees walk out of Uwe Boll's cinematic treatment of Postal

widesign 2We make fun of Uwe Boll quite a bit on here, mostly because he’s a horrible director who seems to specialize in destroying would-be cool films based on video games. Not only is he bad at making movies based on popular video games, but also movies of games that make you question why they’re made at all.

If any proof was ever needed of the suckitude that Boll puts out, one needs only look at last weekend’s free screening of Boll’s latest, a film adaptation of Postal.

So bad was this movie, especially a scene spoofing the 9/11 attacks, that 150 of the 200 attendees walked out. I’ve seen very few films bad enough that I’d walk out of — Spy Kids 3 and Speed Racer come to mind — but the idea that 150 people would walk out of a free screening is telling.

Please stop letting this man make movies, waste money, and ruin video games.