What.cd, other BitTorrent trackers ordered shut by Canadian Recording Industry Association


There’s a bit of a scare going around the BitTorrent community today, with word that the Canadian Recording Industry Association has “ordered” the closure of several popular trackers, including What.cd. The CRIA has told Moxie Colo, which hosts the trackers in question, to take the offending sites down, issuing cease and desists like they’re going out of style. For its part, the hosting comapny says it has no plans to comply with the CRIA’s demands:

We will not be following the request and will be fighting for the rights of our clients as to date laws in Canada protect them.

A similar note was posted in the What.cd’s forum:

I doubt the sites in question are going to move off of moxie as we are standing here in public eye backing them up. If they want to leave then in end of day makes our life easier but by no means are we saying them or any other client needs to vacate. We will take this all the way to the courts before we would ever damage our relations with our clients.

Please everyone understand that we are not shutting down anyone anytime soon.

Hopefully What.cd doesn’t go the way of OiNK.