Monsoon Multimedia to announce HAVA player for S60 tomorrow

Tomorrow at the S60 Summit in Barcelona, Monsoon Multimedia will be announcing and demonstrating an application that will allow S60 users to connect to HAVA units back home to view and control their home TVs from their mobile handsets.

Like the perhaps more commonly known Slingbox, a HAVA allows you to “place-shift” your TV. By connecting to your unit back home, you can watch all of your favorite channels wherever the road may take you (as long as wherever the road takes you happens to have internet access) via PC, Windows Mobile handsets, or Nokia N810 (player currently in beta). Depending on what features you’re looking for, HAVA boxes will set you back between 90 and 180 bucks.

The S60 Mobile player will be going into beta in June, with the final product scheduled to launch as a free download a few months thereafter. If you’ve got a HAVA at home and an S60 in your pocket, shoot an e-mail over to for access to the beta.