After the 3G iPhone, what's next from Apple?


No more 3G iPhone rumors for The Wall Street Journal, please. The Murdoch-owned Big Paper is already looking beyond the phone’s suspected June 9 launch to what Apple may release in the next five years, as predicted by Forrester Research (and everyone on the Internet). They include:

• Digital photo frames, possibly with a touchscreen and built-in speakers

• A networkable “clock radio” (?) that could hook up to your iTunes library

• A universal remote control, possibly carrying the name “AppleSound”

The trend is clear enough: Apple wants to expand beyond its current iPod/iPhone/Mac focus, and move into a more general lifestyle space. (Jobs more or less said as much last year when the iPhone launched with that chair analogy.)

Also, don’t expect an Apple-branded TV anytime soon. Doesn’t seem to be Apple’s “bag,” so to speak.