Sony Japan releases second sound system with golf-ball-sized speakers

The Japanese are known to be masters of miniaturization. Now Sony is trying to live up to this reputation by releasing a second sound system equipped with golf ball size speakers. Their first model, the the DAV-IS10, was a home theatre in a box set-up.

The company today announced their 5.1 sound system HT-IS 100 comes with four speakers as small as 43×43 mm, just a little bigger than golf balls (42.67×42.67 mm). The front center speaker is 6.8 cm slim.

The system features three HDMI input ports, a maximum output of 425W, Sony Walkman compatibility and support of Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Prologic II.

The HT-IS 100 combo is currently Japan-only. Sony will start selling the system on June 25th with an MSRP of $870. A trimmed down 3.1 version offering a maximum output of 250W will be sold from July 15th (MSRP: $480).