Not smart: Kid breaks up with girlfriend, posts nude photos of her on MySpace. Oh, and she's underage.


Here’s a tip, kids. Next time you break up with your girlfriend, don’t post nude photos of her on MySpace. Especially if she’s underage. Yeah, it seems cool at first, but then those pesky lawmen will ruin your life.

A 17-year-old Wisconsin kid faces felony chargesfor doing just that, posting nude photos of his 16-year-old girlfriend on MySpace. That’s child porn. The best part is, the kid doesn’t seem to understand how bad things are about to get:

Warned that he could face jail for publishing images of the minor, Phillips told an investigator, “Fuck that, I am keeping them up,” according to a criminal complaint filed yesterday in Lacrosse County Circuit Court.

Probably, in this case, the kid should have just called her some horribly degrading name (“stupid head,” perhaps), and then moved on with his life.

via Drudge Report